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Wenger: Don't Leave Arsenal, Walcott

Saturday (18/4/2015) night, the eye will return to Stamford Bridge. The eye was determined to bring THY maximum points there. Moreover, MU competes with the upper hand mentally after six consecutive victories in the Premier League of United Kingdom.

"Our goal is to achieve maximum points. We'll be trying hard since the beginning ofthe match. We were there with confidence high. However, we must deploy all our best ability to beat Chelsea, "said the Daily Star, cannot have such eyes.

"It feels Fun again met with old friends. I have always had good memories there and I expect the best for Chelsea, "penggawa Eyes added.

The eye of the season's already 29 times strengthen THEE in all the event and created nine touchdowns, one of them against Manchester City last weekend and took the Red Devils the win by a score of 4-2.

Wenger: Don't Leave Arsenal, Walcott

"This will be a special match for me. I never faced Chelsea in the first half of the season. Return to Stamford Bridge for the first time will give me good memories, "the eyes.

Arsenal reportedly will soon open new contract talks with players, Theo Walcott within two weeks in the future.

As reported by the from Sky Sport, Wednesday (16/4/2015), the future of Walcott with The Gunners did indeed unclear. When 26 year old player contracts that will expire in the summer of 2016.

United Kingdom national team players during this time were often associated withmoving to Liverpool. At the beginning of last season, coach Arsene Wenger claimed to have discussed a new contract but Walcott emphatically denied the existence of the talks was.

As it known before, Walcott called wanted a raise in the new contract of 90 thousand pounds or USD 1.7 billion to 100 thousand pounds or around Rp 1.9 billion per week. But Arsenal rejected the request given Walcott was not the core player in Wenger's squad.

With The Gunners, Walcott has scored 77 goals in 203 appearance since imported from Southampton in 2006. This season, the winger was often dibekap knee injury. Walcott appeared as much as 13 Premier League matches United Kingdom and scored only 3 goals.

Chelsea entertain Manchester United in a big match at the weekend to 33 Premier League-United Kingdom at Stamford Bridge Stadium, Saturday (17/4/2015).

Wenger: Don't Leave Arsenal, Walcott

The Blues, midfielder Oscar warned Red Devils so as not to jemawa the face of Chelsea. MU has returned to find his best form of the game in the second half of the season by winning six consecutive matches. This result brought the Red Devils are eightpoints behind Chelsea.

"They struggled from the beginning and has demonstrated improvement. They played very well. We've seen the MU has found a starting line up the right and we'll be tough opponent's arrival this weekend, "said Oscar as quoted from the Goal.

Brazil-born Player was also a salute with a number of impressive appearance of theRed Devils players such as Howard, Juan Mata, Ander Herrera, Daley Blind, Wayne Rooney, and Ashley Young. Therefore, Oscar asked her colleagues to be careful.

"We have to be careful with all of them, but United should also be alert with our team," said Oscar.

For players aged 23 of that year, the victory over MU is an absolute must if you want Chelsea earned a degree, given The Blues will still undergo heavy party against Arsenal later.

"Both as the final game for us. After that we will see a chance of a champion. We will definitely fight until the end of the season, "pungkas Oscar.

The future of the Arsenal winger, Theo Walcott, is still gray. Media in the United Kingdom flock to proclaim that a 26-year-old player will most likely leave the Emiratesnext season.

Wenger: Don't Leave Arsenal, Walcott

However, The Gunners coach Arsene Wenger, asuhnya sure that it will not be leaving the Club already nine years dibelanya.

"I am confident because Walcott has a bright future," says Beli followers instagram as reported by the BBC, Friday (17/4/2015).

"Walcott is young and he has a chance to become top scorer in the foreseeable future because of the quality and intelligence of the game. Therefore, I am sure he will survive with us, "added the French coach it.

United Kingdom national players were often dibekap injuries throughout this season. But Walcott has now recovered and is ready to defend The Gunners in the FA Cupsemi final against Reading, Saturday (4/18/2015) tomorrow.

"He has come back from injury, the injury menyulitkannya. But each week, produced a more improved, "said Wenger.

Walcott was later rumored to be joining Liverpool next season, following news of Raheem Sterling who also want Arsenal. Former Southampton penggawa that this season's new 18 times and scored three goals.