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Fabregas Determined Grave League winner Arsenal Dream United Kingdom

The surprising defeat of Liverpool over Aston Villa in the FA Cup semi-final to makefans began to Growl with the performance of Brendan Rodgers. In fact, the Liverpudlian demanding managed the Club to immediately dismiss the Rodgers.

They also flock make hastag #RodgersOUT and #KloppIN indicating their desire to let Liverpool soon recruiting coach Dortmund, Juergen Klopp to replace the position of Rodgers.

"There's no coach in the history of Liverpool which never offer a degree in three years kepelatihannya #RodgersOUT," wrote one of his fans on twitter.

"#RodgersOUT #KloppIN I wonder? Three years without a trophy is awarded to brendan, the thing that has never happened at Liverpool coach for half a century more, "ciut fans in @McChidi1 account

There is also a fans named Kevin who overtly ' extrude ' Rodgers from Liverpool and soon replaced Klopp.

"Recruit Klopp now, if he is interested. Start from the beginning again. It cannot succeed under the coaching of Rodgers. I was very scared. "

Fabregas Determined Grave League winner Arsenal Dream United Kingdom

The Reds fans with the account @RiseOfTheKop is also writing down, "Juergen Klopp or Rafael benitez, anyone but Rodgers next season."

Although the majority of fans wrote the slur and swear to Rodgers to immediately fired, yet there are still a handful of supporters who hope that Northern Ireland coachsurvive at Anfield.

According to fans named Peter Smith, Rodgers was part of the heyday of Liverpool during the 70s to 80s. "it's time for a new plan of #Liverpool ... not good enough. Menejer timeless time.. Rodgers credited building history of the Club, "he writes.

As is known, Liverpool tumbles 1-2 over Aston Villa in the FA Cup semi-final which takes place at Wembley Stadium, Sunday (19/4/2015). The Reds had more winning goal into the duluberkat Philippe Coutinho in the 30th minute.

However, The Villans managed to turn things around and locked the victory thanks to a goal by Christian Benteke at minute 36 and Fabian Delph 56 minutes.

Manchester City have managed to reap the full kala points entertain West Ham United at Etihad Stadium in a match of the weekend to the 32 Premier League-United Kingdom, Sunday (19/4/2015).

Fabregas Determined Grave League winner Arsenal Dream United Kingdom

The Citizens successfully silence The Hammers 2-0. A pair of goals in the victories ofCity was created thanks to James Collins own goal in the 18th minute, and Sergio Aguero into the goal on 36 minutes.

These positive results while silencing criticism often directed at the Manchester CityManager, Manuel Pellegrini. In recent weeks the middle men that Chile's origin was under pressure following poor results are received.

The last five games of the Premier League, United Kingdom City swallow three defeats, including uprooted 2-4 over Manchester United in the Manchester Derby, titledaction which takes place at Old Trafford, 12 April. As a result, they should lose the second position and SAG to order four.

"This victory is very important after we lost two games, one of the worst derby defeat against Manchester United at the moment then," Pellegrini was quoted as sayingof the Goal.

61-year-old coach was praised his players who have been playing at maximum when The Hammers beat.

"It's very important to continue to be consistent, I think the team played very consistent, we pulled out our best game," added Pellegrini.

Up to three numbers, making the City still ranks four standings while the League record with 64 points. They are linked to a number of MU which is ranked three.

An attempt to secure the position of the big four will be the target until the end of the season for Pellegrini to get his team to the Champions League next season.

Fabregas Determined Grave League winner Arsenal Dream United Kingdom

Chelsea Star Cesc Fabregas was determined to destroy the dream of the former club Aston Villa, Arsenal won the Premier League this season, United Kingdom. And to realize that ambition, Fabregas wants to bring The Blues to pluck the victory while visiting to the Emirates Stadium, on Sunday (26/4/2015).

Until entering the weekend to the United Kingdom 32-Premier League, Chelsea is still topping the standings temporarily with a value of 76. Jose Murinho's squad couldcelebrate League title earlier if successful victory in two games away from counterinsurgency Arsenal and Leicester City.

Responding to sign JUAL LIKE INSTAGRAM became the number one club in the United Kingdom,Fabregas who spent eight years in insists Arsenal career to help his team as quickly as possible to secure the title. The target can be achieved by way of silencing The Gunners at the headquarters of its own weekend later.

"Now that Chelsea are in a pleasant position, winning 10 digits from other teams and we don't want to give to competitors hope to continue to provide pressure to the team," explained the Spain men to the Club's official website.