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Kicked Spurs, Tim Sherwood And In Fact Thankful

Liverpool managed to trace the FA Cup semi-final. Brilliant achievement it expectedCaptain Jordan Henderson could boost mental The Reds in the Premier League of United Kingdom.

Liverpool captured the FA Cup semi-final tickets. In the quarterfinals at the stadiumEwood Park, Thursday (4/9/2015) early morning EDT, The Reds a 1-0 win against Eintracht Frankfurt against Blackburn Rovers. Single goal victories The Red printed Philippe Coutinho in the 70th minute.

When Philippe Coutinho scored the winning goal in the 70th minute, Henderson admitted could not hide his relief. " This is a very important match for us today, "he quoted from the FA's official website.

"We showed great character and we knew that coming here (the headquarters of the Rovers) they will complicate us, but from the beginning to the end I thought we were brilliant," chimes in Henderson.

United Kingdom national team midfielder it mentions this victory is his team precious capital to rise up in the Premier League United Kingdom.

Kicked Spurs, Tim Sherwood And In Fact Thankful

"We are heading to Wembley again and I am sure that it will be a difficult match because they (Aston Villa) is a good opponent but it (the victory) makes all the player'sspirit uplifted," the lid.

Recognised by the FA Cup Liverpool as hope remains. In the United Kingdom, is now the Premier League they are in the order of five to be embedded with 16 points from pemuncak standings. They also left behind seven points from nearest rivals Manchester City in the top four.

In the semifinals, Liverpool will face off against Aston Villa on Sunday (19/4/2015). Referring to statistics, Liverpool's chances of qualifying for the final. At five meetings last two clubs, Liverpool is superior with three wins, one draw, and losing one of them.

Manchester United will face his rivals, Manchester City at the weekend to a 32-gamePremier League United Kingdom. The Red Devils Manager Louis van Gaal reacted confirms skuatnya ready to avenge the defeat in the first meeting.

At that time The Citizens successfully membekuk MU with a score of 1-0 in a matchthat took place at the Etihad Stadium, 2 November last year. The only goal in the victory of foster care Manuel Pellegrini was printed by Sergio Aguero on 63 minutes.

The ambition is to avenge the defeat, The Red Devils will perform an all-out replacement time entertaining The Citizens at Old Trafford Stadium, Sunday (12/4/2015). Moreover, the performance of MU continues to rise in the last few matches.

Manchester United have never swallow defeat in three previous matches. While theCity, not in a good condition after only being able to pluck one victory and two defeats in three swallows domestically. The latest, they uprooted 1-2 at the hands of Crystal Palace.

"MU when losing 1-0 from the City different from today. Now we've been much better, "said Van Gaal reacted, cited the Manchester Evening News.

"I feel if the trust of players today are very-very high. The performance we've been giving evidence. This is not Manchester United used to be, "he said.

Kicked Spurs, Tim Sherwood And In Fact Thankful

This time Wayne Rooney and his friends occupied the third position while the Premier League standings with the United Kingdom gathered 62 points. They Excel at one point of the City is right under it.

Although deposed by Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa coach, Tim Sherwood, admitted to not put a sense of revenge to former club admits the return him to White Hart Lane.

Sherwood spent six months at the London Club after the departure of Andre Villas-Boas in 2013. Coach United Kingdom and going back to the old headquarters for the sake of keeping the hope Villa remained in the Premier League.

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Briefly unemployed for some time, man United Kingdom 46 births last year it accepted an offer to train at Villa Park in February 2015. Along with his new Club, Sherwood it was determined to bring Villa maximum achievement.

"I am proud of what I did at Spurs but I put the respect to decisions made by DanielLevy and management, they treat me well. They took the decision to fire me because they try to give the best for Tottenham, "he explained to Soccerway.

"They have to take those decisions and I do not agree but life goes on. I thank them because if it is not the case, then I would not be in the Villa which is a fantastic Club. "

The Villa itself is set at position 16 was connected to three digits from the zone of degradation with six weeks left. Meanwhile, they also will face Liverpool in the FA Cup semi-final, April 19.