Sabtu, 11 Februari 2017

Mourinho: no Coach as powerful as Me

Not Jose Mourinho his name if it stops making a sensation. Coach Chelsea that mentions no coach is more excellent he compares.

Mourinho get the nickname The Special One when you first come to the United Kingdom in 2004. Today it can be armed with gemilangnya feat usher performing as FC Porto Champions League champion.

During this time his devotion in Chelsea until 2013, the Portugal film formation racikit mempersembakan to two Premier League titles and the League Cup, United Kingdom United Kingdom, as well as one FA Cup and FA Community Shield.

After that, she moved to Italy and Mou for directing the Club Inter Milan. Any successful MoU return records the maximum results with the Nerazzurri take seize treblewinner, champion of the Champions League, Serie A, and Italy Cup.

Along with Real Madrid, Ronaldo offered the title of La Liga, Spain, Cup and Super Cup Spain, before returning to Chelsea at the start of this season.

Mourinho: no Coach as powerful as Me

"I've got one problem. I've always been better at my job after I started it. There arean awful lot of evolution in my career, the way I train and methodology of reading the game. Now, there's nothing as powerful as my coach, "said Mourinho, cannot have such as Sky Sports.

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During the work in the United Kingdom, the Mou has always been cross opinion with coach Arsenal, Arsene Wenger. However, The Special One agree with Wenger in one respect.

"I think Wenger says something interesting. He did not agree with the Ballon d'Or. I think he is right because the current sepa k ball more focus more to the concept ofthe individual, "Mourinho.

This season, Mesut Ozil reaps criticism sharply questioning performance along withArsenal. However, the former quarterback of The Gunners, Robert Pires, thus callingOzil was one of the best players he ever saw.

Ozil shows growing performance improved since his comeback in early 2015. Germany-born players it had four goals and four assists in a delightful from 15 appearances with The Gunners in all event.

Mourinho: no Coach as powerful as Me

The scintillating performance make Pires is convinced that Ozil has answered the doubts of the public. France was the origin of the men confessed to so admire Ozil free kick while Arsenal hit Liverpool 4-1 on Saturday.

"For me, the man of the match was Mesut Ozil," said Pires was quoted from the London Evening Standard. "And I'm very glad that he prove the criticism to him was wrong."

"Too many people mengeritik him this season and overall since he arrived at Arsenal. I practiced with him regularly and I can tell you that he is one of the best players I have seen, "he said. "He loves the Club and cares a lot about about the Club."

There are two things that make Pires Ozil rate as the best in the game contra Liverpool. "First, he created wonderful feedback on Aaron (Ramsey) on the first goal. Then he scored a beautiful free kick pass for the second goal, "close Pires.

The Manager of Burnley, Sean Dyche, called Arsenal, Manager Arsene Wenger as a legend. He claims to be a lot to learn from Wenger in career kepelatihannya.

Arsenal will meet to Burnley at Turf Moor, Saturday (11/4/2015). Oddly enough, thislobbed Dyche instead of waging a war of nerves to interfere with concentration ofWenger and his army, but instead gives praise to the heavens high-born manager of France.

"Great credit to Arsene Wenger over their current performance. He is a legend in the game. The last few seasons many who question its performance, but that perception is not always evident that he did along with Arsenal, "said Dyche SportMole was quoted as saying.

"He's an outstanding Manager. You only need to look at the success he's achieved this year, the way they play and also financial and business side of the Club, "explained Dyche.

Mourinho: no Coach as powerful as Me

Further, Dyche was also admitted to having much to learn from Wenger. He felt so amazed of what was shown alongside Wenger Arsenal.

"As a young Manager I am still learning, but I look at people like her and think it is a wonderful thing he could achieve," pungkas Dyche.

Manchester City's striker Sergio Aguero heaped praise to loan striker Radamel Falcao of Manchester United. Aguero assess prospective opponent at the weekend Manchester derby later on as a player of quality. Although the original sharp, bomber that Colombia is experiencing difficult times together "The Red Devils".

Near the end of the season, Falcao scored four goals in the new Premier League. Nicks golnya jomplang because during the costumed AS Monaco, Falcao is able to print nine goals from 13 matches only.