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Santi Cazorla did not want to Retire at Arsenal

Be a star at Arsenal does not guarantee Santi Cazorla would like to end his career with London's Cannon. Bloody Spain players that prefer hanging shoes in the first place clubs foster science, Real Oviedo.

The relationship of Cazorla with a team second division League of Spain was indeedcreated quite a long time, because the man 30 years it played from 1996 to 2003 before finally moving into a new age in Villareal stepped on 17 years.

Oviedo's own Academy not only "spawn" Cazorla alone but they also reinforced Juan Mata and Michi. Intimacy with the Club this Spain Cazorla is still strong because some time ago known players have the ability set the tempo of the match buying stocks Oviedo almost liquidated.

"Real Oviedo is my team who then and now, I would be the Club's supporters throughout my life. There where I grew, learned a lot as a player and hope I can wear the costume of Oviedo again. In the near future, the chance that it will be difficult but hopefully in the next few years, my plan could be reached. "he explained when interviewed us.

Cazorla itself Sabatini until 2017 and previously had deceived by Xavi to strengthenBarcelona.

Santi Cazorla did not want to Retire at Arsenal

Sprinter Usain Bolt currently requested as the world's fastest human. However, theArsenal wonderkid, Hector Bellerini, turns out to have run faster than Bolt.

The 20-year-old player was reportedly able to record the time of 4.42 seconds within more than 40 meters. While at the same distance, Bolt recorded the time 4.64 seconds.

Nevertheless, Bellerin not necessarily win if Buffalo ran racing against Bolt at a distance of 100 meters. However, it proves that Bellerin has the potential to become a world star.

As a player who plays as a defender, it is very important to have a fast run. In addition to quickly descend to persist, can contribute a lot when Bellerin Arsenal in case of attack.

Since Mathieu Debhucy pulled over due to injury, Bellerin have numerous chances to perform in major teams Arsenal. The player who last season on loan to Watford was featured as much as 21 times and scored two goals.

Santi Cazorla did not want to Retire at Arsenal

Bellerin and Bolt had the chance to meet in the green field. The reason, Bolt recentlysigned contracts of short duration together with Manchester United.

Manchester United in recent months, intense hunt down captain of Borussia Dortmund, Mats Hummels. Coach Juergen Klopp finally mengikhlaskan departure that Germany-born players to Old Trafford.

In a few seasons later, Mtas Hummels digadang-gadang as one of the world's bestdefense doorstop. It caused kelugasannya in doing tekel and kelihaiannya in air duels.

However, the performance of Hummels dropped dramatically this season. From 1839-minute play, Hummels was only able to do average 2.1 percent tekel and 2.3 percent of the intercept.

It does not reduce the interest in Manchester United to meminangnya. Red Devils reportedly setting up funds amounting to 47 million pounds ($ 923.65 billion) as dowry to Borussia Dortmund.

"Hummels was good enough for Manchester United. He said to me that he will rethink the offer, "said Klopp as reported by Bild.

"We're always looking for ways to improve our marketing and financial condition," spokesman racik film formation Germany it adds.

This new season of Hummels 13 appearances defending Borussia Dortmund all the event. A 26-year-old player was so far recently scored a goal.

Manchester United's victory in the Manchester derby party contra Manchester Citymidfielder Ashley Young happily greeted. According to him, the Red Devils fans ' mouths to stifle The successful Citizens.

Manchester United managed to break the bad trend failed to win in four matches last kala entertain Manchester City in his palatial headquarters, Old Trafford Stadium, Sunday (12/4/2015).

The Red Devils closed the game with a score of 4-2, securing enough. The four goals of YOURS in this match each into Ashley Young, Marouane Howard, Juan Mata, and Chris Smalling.

"We now feel can beat anyone. Taste our confidence peaked. We want to keep this momentum, "said Young, as reported by the official website of the Club.

"The support of our wonderful supporters, even when we did a warm up. I think this is the hardest support they provided throughout this season. We managed to silence the mouth of talkative supporter of City, "he added.

Up to three figures it took Manchester United are in the third position while the United Kingdom League standings with 66 points, winning savings one points from Manchester City in fourth temnpat.

"When winning 3-1 or 4-1, we tried delaying tempo improve organizational game. City capable of scoring a reply when we were playing with 10 men due to Auto like instagram, "so Young.