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Arsenal Legend Trainer Manchester City?

Arsenal legend, Patrick Viera, rumored ready to replace Manuel Pellegrini's positionas coach of Manchester City, if the managed the Club decided to dismiss Pellegrinibefore the end of the season.

The pressure of the more incriminating Pellegrini after The Citizens lost to city rivalsManchester United 4-2 at Old Trafford, Sunday (12/4/2015).

Those results make a City swallowed six defeats from eight matches last suffered. It was the worst performance of The Citizens since the last time this has happened in the coaching era of Mark Hughes in the 2008/2009 season.

Now the City's chances to reach the Premier League title has been closed after several inches away 12 points from pemuncak while the standings, Chelsea.

Not only that, Aguero dkk also threatened crashing from the position of the big four if Liverpool are ranked six able to beat Newcastle night later.

Arsenal Legend Trainer Manchester City?

Although there is no certainty of the managed the Club for ejecting Pellegrini, but Viera who is now coaching the team U-21 City declares ready if himself requested the Chilean coach position replaces it.

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The Gunners will still face Chelsea in a match which Derby entitled ' London ' on April 26, coming at the Emirates Stadium. But for Wenger, whatever result will not decide the title United Kingdom Premier League title this season.

"I think that game is not a determination, Chelsea still have two games that haven'tplayed," said wenger as cited from the BBC, Sunday (12/4/2015).

Chelsea collect 70 points from 30 matches. While Arsenal have been playing as much as 32 times and collected 66 points. Jose Mourinho's team that will face the Magpies Queens Park Ranger, later Sunday night.

With six games remaining, almost ensured Arsenal was secure in the position of the big four and qualify for the Champions League for 18 seasons in a row.

Beautiful Young Ashley chanted praise to his teammates at Manchester United, Howard Marouane. According to him, Howard performed brilliantly in the Manchester derby.

At the end of the game with a 4-2 victory to THEE at the Old Trafford Stadium, Sunday (12/4/2015) GMT, it was Howard and Young each had one goal.

Two goals in the other party's MU produced Juan Mata and Chris Smalling. As for, a pair of goal Manchester City scored by Sergio Aguero.

"Howard appeared brilan. Everyone says the same thing. Since coming into the team, he's always been fantastic, "praise Young told MUTV.

In this game, coach Manuel Pellegrini, City, give specific tasks to Yaya Toure, i.e. sticking to strict movement of Howard. Menuruut Young, Pellegrini made a fatal mistake because midfielder Yaya Toure is a typical, not as a defensive midfielder.

Arsenal Legend Trainer Manchester City?

"I have already said earlier that very few people can handle it. I don't think Yaya Toure wants to play back, he wanted to be on the other end of the pitch but he's got a job to do on Felli. "

"When Felli in the penalty box and you can find it, you'll have a chance to score," said Young. "I saw him on the mast far and hope he will be at the other end and scoring and, luckily, he managed to do that," demolished Young.

Louis van Gaal reacted admitted making mistakes when using three turn of the players in the Manchester derby party contra Manchester City. The Red Devils had to play with ten men at the end of the match three minutes after Michael Carrick's injury and no longer has the rest of the pergantina players.

Raihan maximum points obtainable success Programme United while entertaining neighbours Manchester City, Old Trafford Stadium on Sunday (12/4/2015). The Red Devils closed the game with a disastrous enough victory 4-2.

Arsenal Legend Trainer Manchester City?

However, MU had to play with ten players on the remaining three minutes longer. Because, Carrick mengalamo injury and MU are already using three rations turn of the player. Superior to the number of players, the City was able to scored a second through the actions of Sergio Aguero lobbed a minute after the game.

"In the end, Michael Carrick needs to be replaced, but I can't replace him," he toldMUTV quoted from the Dailystar.

"She's very wise to step out of the game with my permission. I hope he's not injured, "van Gaal reacted forcefully.

This victory forced open wide THY odds of getting tickets for the Champions League next season. The Red Devils now inhabit the third position standings with 65 points, four digits of the winning City which is one of the strip below.

"Of course, the result (at the time) was fantastic, 4-1, but then I was supposed to pull out, it was a bit of Carrick fool me," he said regretfully.

"The second half was a lot better than the first and I think that, until such time as Michael goes, our fantastic," demolished van Gaal reacted.