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Six interesting facts Admits Chelsea vs. Manchester United

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger claimed to have no certainty for the future of one of the kipernya, Wojciech Szczesny.

Poland-born goalkeeper was later often become a heating bench team and recentlythe camera being caught smoking Szczesny in the bathroom.

This makes the Beavers by him and Wenger dropped a fine of 20 thousand poundsor approximately USD 387 million.

Despite the troubled players, Wenger still hoping goalkeeper 24 year old that endure. However The Proffesor also could not rule out the possibility to leave the Emirates Szczesny.

"Now, I hope so," replied Wenger when asked the possibility of Szczesny. "It is very difficult to answer that question. The important thing is the match tomorrow face Reading, "added the French coach was quoted as saying of the Goal.

Six interesting facts Admits Chelsea vs. Manchester United

Szczesny will be the starter when Arsenal face Reading in the FA Cup semi finals, Saturday (18/4/2015) night later. This is his first appearance since his position replacedDavid Ospina on last January.

"I replaced the previous match Szczesny because he played bad. But I think he is a great goalkeeper and I will give him a chance to show it, "said Wenger.

"It is the duty of each player is to strive to become the ultimate choice. When you are living in this area then you have to know how to kompetisinya, "pungkas Wenger.

Weekend to-33 United Kingdom League will present the party's big match of old Chelsea entertaining Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, Tuesday (17/4/2015).

The two camps both vied for victory in favor of the purpose of each. An additional three points for Chelsea will be more solidified its position atop the standings whilegrowing closer with a fifth Premier League title after last lifting the trophy at the 2009/2010 season.

As for the Red Devils, victories will make the forces of Louis Van Gaal reacted secures the position of the big four in order to qualify to the Champions League next season.

Here are six interesting facts the two camps clashed ahead of tomorrow night:

1. Chelsea just swallow all draw and four defeats in 12 League home matches against Manchester United, United Kingdom.

2. the last cage Defeat The Blues happening right almost a year ago, on April 19, 2014 time lost to Sunderland.

3. Manchester United suffered five defeats and eight draws from the party of 32 matches were played. United has 65 points, collecting a total of points that they can collect the last season only 64 points at the end of the season.

4. There is no combined two midfielders in the Premier League as Champions and the Hazard to appear productive. Both have scored 15 goals.

5. MU represents the best conversion rate in the League United Kingdom of 14 percent. While Chelsea are in second place with 13 percent.

6. Chelsea has scored 100 goals in 47 matches, average goals per match 2.13. While MU only placed 68 goals in 38 petandingan with average 1.79 goals per match.

Six interesting facts Admits Chelsea vs. Manchester United

A study conducted by the anti-discrimination group called Kick It Out says that theclubs and the players League United Kingdom received more than 130 thousand grainy worded attacks on social media.

The results of the research it mentions that Chelsea became the clubs most often bully with received 20 thousand diatribe. The Blues coach Jose Mourinho, not willing to take dizzy with those results.

"It's because we're boring. We are at the top of the League since day one. This is something that is disliked by the people in this country, "said Jasa followers instagram was quoted as saying from the BBC.

"Everyone would love to such United Kingdom League Championship in which four teams separated the two points and no one knows who will be the promotion and who is in the play-off," added that Portugal coach.

Chelsea have been in the Bundesliga since August 30th, 2014 and has had 73 points. Already accounting for nearly eight months, the position of The Blues has not deterred by any club.

The Blues will be the big melakoni match against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, Saturday (18/4/2015) night later. The victory will solidify The Blues at the Summit kalsemen while getting close to the Premier League title.