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Hazard Optimistic Chelsea League Champions United Kingdom

The Manchester United midfielder, Marouane Howard promised all-out appeared in the Manchester Derby Manchester City cons. According to him, the victory over TheCitizens can increasingly smooth over their mission of qualifying for the Champions League next season.

Manchester United entertain Manchester City at Old Trafford, Sunday (12/2/2015). This match is important, because a second squad only linked one level in the standings.

Manchester United is now in third place with a collection of 62 points, while the Cityis ranked fourth with 61 points. Later, if THY win then they will widen the distance being superior to four points over the City.

"In the derby, you must perform more aggressive and more resilient if you want to win. This is a big game will be extremely tight for the players and also the supporters, "said Howard as quoted from the Daily Express.

"We want to win and play in the Champions League next season, so we have to winin front of his supporters. We will do everything to win, "the former Everton player pungkas.

Hazard Optimistic Chelsea League Champions United Kingdom

Chelsea star Eden Hazard, was confident his team could find their Premier League title United Kingdom. Nevertheless he continued to ask for the original Club West London that stay focused and win all the remaining matches.

At this time The Blues become pemuncak standings by collecting 70 points. They Excel at seven points from Arsenal. Even John Terry and his friends still has one game that has not been played.

"We believe it can be in the first position of the Premier League and get through itone by one the remaining matches," said the Daily Express quoted from the Hazard.

"We played beautiful football in the last game against Stoke. And, actually we deserve scored three or four goals in the game, but the most important thing is the victory, "he added.

The Belgium midfielder wants to satisfy the thirst of the Chelsea fans who have long been looking forward to his favorite team the League title. The last time The Blues lifted the Premier League trophy in 2010.

"We're just trying to bring home the Premier League trophy to Stamford Bridge," said winger back numbered 10.

Former Liverpool player Jason McAteer pessimistic young The Reds star would shineif leave Anfield. According to him, Sterling is likely to be a backup if the players decide migrated from Liverpool.

Hazard Optimistic Chelsea League Champions United Kingdom

Sterling Central being the fruit of the lips after rejecting the offer of a contract extension with salaries reaching 100 thousand pounds or USD 1.9 billion per week. It is rumored that makes Sterling leave Liverpool increasingly strengthened.

Big European clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern Munich is reportedly keen to get an autograph pemai aged 20 years.

Heard the rumours, McAteer asks Sterling survive in Liverpool and developing her abilities under the guidance of Brendan Rodgers.

"If I had to give him advice and he had to stay afloat for a few seasons and studiedunder the direction of Brendan Rodgers. There is a nice young team at Liverpool, "said McAteer as quoted from Talksport.

"If he goes to Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich he will not go to the team. He will not get a chance to play, "pungkasnya.

The Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal reacted mentions Manchester Cityis not a difficult opponent to be defeated. He assesses the Aston Villa team that ismore difficult to put down.

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Hazard Optimistic Chelsea League Champions United Kingdom

Even though the Red Devils last weekend yesterday just Beach Villa at Old TraffordStadium by a score of 3-1. But according to Van Gaal reacted, The Villans have a defense that is more difficult to penetrate the dibadingkan of the City.

"Villa are playing more, I thought the City might do similar not against us. When that happens we need focus and concentration to penetrate opposing defenses, "said Van Gaal reacted quoted from Sportsmole.

"Long Bait is a hard thing to put on hold. But against the City, I did not expect so many long balls and that's why I'd not afraid against City, in spite of the defeat in the last match, "he added.

At the first meeting last November at the Etihad Stadium, Wayne Rooney and his friends must admit defeat 1-0 victory over his rival.

"On a weekend later we have to wait and see if we can continue the good performance against City. I am more scared against Villa than City because every player should be motivated and want to win, "he said.