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Chelsea Star Proudly Aligned with Zidane

dane. According to him, a pride can be compared with the France legend.

This season, the Hazard appeared mesmerised by contributing 5 goals for The Bluesin all event. Not only sharp, the Hazard is also reliable in sending feedback. This Belgium-born players recorded success contributed 14 assists.

Performance captivated this is what makes many people equate contribution Hazard just as Zidane has had during active play.

"Fun to hear it because everyone knows the party is an fad I. We played with a different style, but if I could compare with him then it would be a great pride for me, "said Hazard as quoted from the Daily Express.

"I watch a lot of their games when I was young, in almost all of their games. She ismy Idol, "pungkas Hazard.

"United have a number of very talented strikers," said Aguero is quoted from the London Evening Standard. "The only striker who throughout his career has become the most ravenous striker Falcao is."

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Chelsea Star Proudly Aligned with Zidane

Aguero else believes Falcao hasn't really exhausted. The performance is bad this season not be separated from issues which term fall since the beginning of this season.

"He did not have an easy time this season, but I really admire his commitment and the quality is permanent. He may be one of the striker with a natural talent in football today, "he said Aguero.

Sergio Aguero says the Manchester United team that unpredictability this season. Thus, this stout-bodied mewanti-wanti striker Manchester City should be on the best game if you want to beat your Old Trafford, Sunday (12/4/2015).

Currently, the hosts Manuel Pellegrini's team ranked at the Fourth United KingdomPremier League, one level below. It happens after ' The Citizen ' disappointing results due to yield 1-2 from Crystal Palace, Monday (6/4/2015).

"They are a team with a lot of players with great individual ability, players can form a remarkable unit when they work well together," said Aguero. "But this season it'snot always the case," he said continuing as quoted from the London Evening Standard.

For Aguero, MU is a team that has a tremendous line of attack but has a problem in the consistency of the game. "In some matches they don't play maximum if measuring the quality of the strike they have on the team. But then in another game, they really showed their quality, so they rather can not be suspected, "explained Aguero.

"We know we have to be the best game to beat them-no doubt about it," the lid.

The Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney is ready to make the Red Devils fanssmile by giving her a victory. HA that's a Manchester Derby ahead of diutarakannyato meet Manchester United Manchester City cons, Sunday (12/4/2015).

Chelsea Star Proudly Aligned with Zidane

MU now in good performance after reaching four victories in their last five games in all the event. While in the opponent's stronghold, The Citizen is in the middle of a performance decrease due to only being able to grab two WINS in the last five games in all the event.

This statistic that seems to make Wazza (greeting familiar Roney) felt optimistic the Club was able to silence the City and give the public excitement for Old Trafford.

"We want to give the fans something to be THY make them smile when they work on Monday morning. We also want to become someone who can make them (MU fans) can make fun of City fans in the workplace, "said Rooney was quoted as saying from MUTV.

"I think it's a very important match for Manchester United and Manchester City also.For the fans and also I this is a game that is full of pride, "Cap Rooney.

Just info, Rooney was recorded was able to break down the goal City 11 times during his career, including when he was also able to create a beautiful goal kicks salto in 2011.