Rabu, 15 Februari 2017

Clamming City, Rooney: MU Should Be More Ferocious!

The Liverpool winger, Raheem Sterling back do attitude. After the camera caught sucking a shisha, Sterling has now found inhaling nitrous oxide gas or also known as laughter.

In the last few days, the name Sterling much embellished media-media in United Kingdom. Because, a number of photographs in circulation shows that United Kingdom national team Middle penggawa engrossed sisha suck--the equivalent of 200 cigarettes-.

Today, Sterling is back making a scene. A video that gets The Sun shows if a player20 years it was central sucking nitrous oxide gas from an orange balloon.

As a result, Sterling ever stoned to even unconscious. Allegedly, the action of drunkenness players numbered 31-year committed back in his private residence located in Southport, Merseysidea few days before the Liverpool game cons Newcastle United on Tuesday (4/14/2015) early morning GMT.

Clamming City, Rooney: MU Should Be More Ferocious!

Nitrous oxide gas, lucky not to affect the performance of Sterling in the game. He managed to score a goal in the 9th minute and bring The Reds a 2-0 victory quotes from Newcastle.

Even so, Sterling instead will not get sanction from the management of the Club. "We understand the news (about the Sterling) and intend to speak with the player. Anyfurther action will be taken internally, "explained one of the Liverpool spokesman told the Daily Mail.

The gas nitrous oxide itself commonly used in medicine to a patient anesthetized and pematirasaan to surgery. People who inhale the gas it will feel relax and laugh.

However, if too much inhalation of this gas can interfere with the flow of oxygen to the brain. As a result, the person may experience dizziness and dizziness. So no wonder gas is forbidden laughter sold freely included in the United Kingdom.

"We are now in the top three, four digits of the winning City. This is very important, "said coach MU, Loius Van Gaal reacted as cited from the BBC.

Clamming City, Rooney: MU Should Be More Ferocious!

In a match that lasted a fierce yesterday, MU had to be left behind when a new game is first run eight minutes. Spurn Sergio Aguero left foot from close range to successfully fool the untrained goalkeeper Red Devils, David De Gea.

MU finally were able to reverse form with catapults our effective four touchdowns each into Ashley Young in the 14th minute, Marouane Howard the 27th minute, Juan Mata 67 minutes and Chris Smalling on 73 minutes.

At the end of the match, Aguero scored again ManCity entertainer and memperkceil position of being 4-2. Kick your right foot Aguero from within the penalty box sliding fast entry into the Manchester United goal.

For MU, this is the first Manchester derby victory at Old trafford since 2011. No wonder, if the Van Finally Free to dedicate this win to the fans.

"I am very proud and happy for the fans. This means a lot for the fans, all the players and staff would like to give this victory and they accept it, "said Van Gaal reacted.

United are now focusing on the target finished the big four to secure a ticket to the Champions League.

"I spoke with executives, Ed Woodward is not an easy thing. We are in the third position, we still have six games again. This is not finished and we're raring to go, "close63 old coach that year.

Clamming City, Rooney: MU Should Be More Ferocious!

The success of Manchester United, Manchester City's resistance to stifle the party derby Manchester apparently could not appease Wayne Rooney. United Kingdom origin players were calling his team seharunya was able to win with better results anymore.

MU WINS by a score of 4-2, securing a top City at Old Trafford Stadium, Sunday (11/4/2015). These results make MU now perched on the third stage of the Premier League standings, although he briefly staggered-taih early in the season 2014/15.

This becomes the fourth victories consecutively in the MU Premier League United Kingdom. Nevertheless, Rooney assessing Red Devils should be more violent again.

"We're still trying to keep growing. Glad to see how everything is going and our performance pointed out, but all this must continue, "said Rooney was quoted as saying of the Goal.

"We said early in the season that we are constantly trying to improve the performance and it takes time. Now it's beginning to look a the results of the exercises that Like instagram. We've been working hard, "explained Captain MU.

Further, Rooney also explains why his team can perform impressively in the last fewmatches. According to him, a strategy that is not monotonous became the main reason of THY respected again in the United Kingdom.

"Every game is different and we've been practicing in every action differently, depending on who our opponents are," Cap Rooney.