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Totti Countdown Toward Eternity

UN capitano, solo c'e un capitano (one captain, there is only one captain). The sentence is the special appeal of the supporters of Rome to Francesco Totti who repeatedly heard and formations when AS Roma at the Olimpico cage party melakoni.

The entire Romanisti under heaven is certainly mengkultuskan Totti. Not overboardbecause the captain has to dedicate themselves for nearly three decades since it first joined the Academy in 1989, as well as offer a wide array of prestigious trophy so far.

Overall, Totti has tasted five domestic titles, with the details of one scudetto (2000-01), two Coppa Italy (2006-07, 2007-08), and two Supercoppa Italiana (2001, 2007). This amount is the highest in history, surpassing the achievements of his idol, Giuseppe Giannini.

Giannini was just collecting four titles throughout his career in Rome, namely one scudetto (1982-83) and three Coppa Italy (1983/84, 1985-86, 1990-91). In addition, Totti also recorded top list most performers of all time in all event (730 matches).

Totti Countdown Toward Eternity

Not to mention the fact that Roma players Francesco Totti is the sharpest of all time(300 touchdowns) plus a second scorer all-time Serie A (244) under the Silvio Piola(274).

The only flaw in the absence of Totti i.e. continental level. He always fails to deliverRome grabbed the glory, both in Cup Winner (already no longer since 2000), the UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League.

The highest achievement with Francesco Totti of Roma in the European club scene is twice broke through the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup (1995/96, 1998/99) and two quarter-finals of the Champions League (2006-07, 2007-08).

Totti even getting involved in two of the greatest defeat of Rome in European competitions, each of Manchester United (away; 1-7) on 10 April 2007 and Bayern Munich(cage; 1-7) on October 22, 2014.

However, it nonetheless does not reduce the sense of love Romanisti against Totti.Men's berzodiak services that Libra is too large to be ignored or forgotten.

As Daniel De Rossi, players who predicted would receive the baton relay leadershipRome anytime soon. He is without doubt mention Francesco Totti has been destined as captain of all time I Lupi aka The Wolf.

"It's amazing, his age is already 38 years old but Totti still do extraordinary stunts atop the field. I think the De Rossi forever will be remembered as the captain of the future, while he was the captain of all time, "said De Rossi when asked to comment on300-Totti on September 20, 2015.

Totti Countdown Toward Eternity

Most of the suspended Francesco Totti believes the immediate circles of the shoe when the duration of his contract ends on June 30, 2016. At that time, the age of the captain almost stepped on the heads of four (39 years 276 days).

Lazio looked at laga derbi cons AS Roma Sunday (8/11/15), armed with a pair of defeats in their last two in Serie a. However there are five factors that could make the Eagle remained optimistic it could grab the points party perfect in the derbi.

Until the 11th week of the Serie A 2015/16 front-line personnel Lazio cumulatively have already packed up seven goals. The details are Filip Djordjevic (2 goals), Alessandro Matri (2), Ricardo Kishna (2), and Balde Keita (1). However, it should be sharperAfter cs again remember their abundant supply of ball, especially of the wings. Laziowere Serie A team that had an average of the three highest rated game per cross.

The charger right-side defence Rome, bak was Alessandro Florenzi or Maicon kuduextra careful in party derbi. They must be ready to accept terror be nimble movement as well as a dribel factor of Philip Anderson.

Lazio (18 goals conceded) is now okay to bear the label as the team with the secondworst defense after Carpi (23). However. they are actually quite good in absorbing the attack. On average, Gli Aquilotti (young Eagle) just suffer 10.6 shots opponents per party. The presence of Lucas Biglia at midfield became an important factor. In addition to ably set the tempo of the game, Biglia is also ferociously kala strives to capture the opponent's ball.

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Totti Countdown Toward Eternity

The performance of the attackers Lazio in Serie A 2015/16 is indeed not too okay. However, midfielder Gli Aquilotti so far can help attackers are shouldering the burden of the task of scoring. Lazio is the owner of the midfield the sharpest Italian Serie a.Quarterback-quarterback they collectively already elections caused nine goals.

Lazio coach Stefano Pioli, including jelly in melakukkan turn of the player. Often players who entered the coach offered the gol create a team. Recorded as many as four of the 16 goals in Lazio, donated by a substitute. The question of the contribution of goals from substitute I Biancocelesti is the most superior in Serie a.