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Joe Hart Can support of ' Former '

Mesut Oezil, the Arsenal star, wanted to wear number 10 back. Number 10 has not been one after Jack Wilshere move to Bournemouth as a loan on a stock transfer ofthe summer.

Therefore, Oezil hope to be wearing number 10 back even though he wears the number 11 in his career at Arsenal.

"Number 10 is the number that is right for me and my position as a playmaker," said Oezil told Sport1.

Oezil is worth wearing a Basketball Jersey 10 considering his importance in the scheme of the game The Gunners.

Moreover, he has a style similar to those of the earliest known Dennis Nicolaas Bergkamp who wore a Basketball Jersey while playing at Arsenal.

Joe Hart Can support of ' Former '

Sergio Aguero would absent when Manchester City Manchester United versus derbimelakoni (10/9/1999). Position the charger whom the attackers within the party would pull for the eagerly anticipated.

Aguero was sentenced the ban on playing for three party Man City in the domestic.

The sanction is given due to the sikutannya to the West Ham players, Winston Reid, in the latest League duel.

When Aguero's absent, any vacant place on the front-line. Manager Josep Guardiolastill has Nolito and Kelechi Iheanacho as the attackers left.

If kepepet, Raheem Sterling can also be played as middle attacker pseudo (false-nine).

Among them, Iheanacho seemed to have a bigger sign. Different from Nolito, who usually plays more widens to the left, it has almost similar character Iheanacho Aguero.

He's agile and bite. Nigeria's 19 year-old teen was also got a nice capital lure Guardiola.

Saturday (3/9/2016), Iheanacho scored for Nigeria in the qualifying match of the group phase of the African Cup of Nations 2017 opponents Tanzania.

Action to determine his country's 1-0 victory through a beautiful left foot shots and hard from outside the penalty box.

A single goal victory fruitful Iheanacho of Nigeria during the group phase. Jose a capital only, it still failed to bring Nigeria into the final round of African Cup of Nations in Gabon next year.

Joe Hart Can support of ' Former '

Nevertheless, Iheanacho belongs to individual success. He has scored 3 goals in 5 melakoni party since his debut made national team Nigeria in April.

Man City Academy alumni that have yet to carve out a goal in the League this season, but he never played as a starter in the second leg duel play-off opponents SteauaBucuresti (24/8/2016).

Not impossible position of similar future rehearsal in the derbi Manchester next week.

Former Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini, pleads not exhausted thought with the way Manchester City Manager, Josep Guardiola, treats Joe Hart.

As a new coach, Pep Guardiola did not choose Joe Hart in the scheme of the game.He decided bringing goalkeeper Claudio Bravo from Barcelona than play Joe Hart.

As a result, the City sent Joe Hart to Torino as a loan. Mancini, who coached City in2009-2013, sympathetic to Joe Hart.

"Every coach has his own idea. However, I do not understand with Guardiola, "saidMancini.

Regardless, Mancini supported Joe Hart joined Torino. He was confident goalkeeperUnited Kingdom it would increasingly develop.

Joe Hart Can support of ' Former '

"Turin is clearly bringing big players. Although it has been aged, I rate Joe still can thrive, "he said.

"In Italy, his coach is very competent and this will benefit him. His decision would make Joe stronger. I am not criticizing the tactics of the other. However, kicking Hart from Manchester City is really difficult, "sambungnya explained.

The legend of Manchester United, Paul Scholes, claims to be very sparing of clubs see girang Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba. In fact, 41-year-old former midfielder,it mentions the Red Devils secured the title every season.

Ibrahimovic had successfully proved that he was still very sharp at the age of 34 years. Three of the total six goals scored Man United in the Premier League so far comes from him.

It also showed that the Brazilian still will contribute to large for the team to Beli Like Instagram. The thing that always successfully done players aged 34 years with all the clubs he bela since 2003-2004 outside of 2011-2012.

Besides Ibrahimovic, Pogba which always holds a Serie A champion Juventus in the last four years more and make sure Man Scholes Untited back has a mental champion to be the best this season.

"Wherever he is, Ibrahimovic has always been able to win the League. In the last three years along with Juventus, Pogba has been very close to winning the Champions League. I think they will win the League title each year, "said Scholes.

"They have a winning mentality. The players this is not a risk for Mourinho. They arethe winners, "he said.

In three games in the Premier League, 2016-2017, Man United managed to achieveperfect results. However, the real test will be facing the Red Devils on Saturday(10/9/2016) face Manchester City at Old Trafford.