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Mohamed Salah did not want to go back to Chelsea

The existence of Filippo Inzaghi as a coach so far haven't been able to refit the Defense lines in Milan corruption.

Imagine, since the calendar year changed to 2015, the Italian Il Rosso has received 81 shots from opponents!

Note it was just a better team than residents of degradation, Chievo (86). Serie A in 2014/15, average opponent could make 14.1 threat to Milan. Kala shot Massimiliano Allegri (receive 11.3 shots per game) and Clarence Seedorf (14) last season, their defense is precisely the report a little better.

The decadence of the performance does not only happen in the back line. The offensive is also problematic due to the sector's Jeremy Menez dkk. rarely make opportunities.

Landing Milan Inzaghi average was only able to make shots on target at 4.2 per game. Note It also loses a lot of Milan hosts Allegri (5.6) and Seedorf (5.1).

Test weight faced Napoli in the Coppa Italy quarter-final. Although it rained Inter with 13 shots, a goal never obtained Dismisses dkk. until the action enters the 90th minute.

Mohamed Salah did not want to go back to Chelsea

The deadlock that plagued Naples perhaps make Dismisses exhausted, both physically and mentally. About 10 minutes ahead of the game ending, a striker called El Pipita it had asked himself replaced the other players.

However, coach of Napoli, Rafael Benitez help draw out the foolishness and Dismisses midfielder Jonathan de Guzman suffered the injury. On 84 minutes, Benitez finally replace De Guzman and enter Faouzi Ghoulam.

Such a victory has become a destiny for Napoli. Who would have thought if finally Ghoulam and Dismisses collaborate to create the Partenopei offside at 93 minutes, exactly match live leaving only 30 seconds!

Winger Mohamed Salah has now officially become bagiandari Fiorentina squad after himself being part of Juan Cuadrado. Despite her current is still a player on loan, but that Egypt midfielder has no plans again with The Blues.

Mohamed Salah claimed to have said that he did not want to return to the ChelseaManager, Jose Mourinho. A 22-year-old player was admitted to The Blues did not object to the plan.

"Currently I do not intend to go back to Chelsea. I want to play well together with Fiorentina. I have spoken with Mourinho and told her that I wanted to leave Chelsea and he is fine, "said Salah.

"The Serie A have high standards and I think playing here can expand your insight and experience."

Wrong any time praising the quality of the players that Cuadrado perupakan very reliable by Fiorentina in the last few years. Wrong ever hopes to follow in his footsteps and be loved fan La Viola.

"Cuadrado is a great player and I respect him. I know she is very loved in Florence and I hope that I too can soon win a place in their hearts (the fan), "he said.

Mohamed Salah did not want to go back to Chelsea

"Who the players in Serie A which became my role model? They were (Francesco) Totti, (Alessandro) Del Piero and (Gabriel) Batistuta. In addition there are many more. "

Coach Antonio Conte is rumored to have gotten an awful lot of the offer to becomecoach of the Italy national football team while handling them. However, the 45-year-old coach has chosen to focus building Gli Azzurri, at least until the 2016 European Championship in France.

Some clubs, especially from the Premier League, has asked directly to Antonio Conte to want to handle his team while not having the national preoccupation with Italy.However, it is viewed will betray its objective to improve the quality of football Gli Azzurri from other countries.

"I will remain in my position until the 2016 European Championship. It (the bid from the Club) have never been my choice. I was a very responsible, especially in difficult times and this is one of them, "said Antonio Conte told La Repubblica.

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Conte ever expect clubs to be working with him to help build national team Italy for the better. This is because former coach Juventus it failed to assemble and train with the players the choice after many clubs are reluctant to release players.

"I have made important commitments, encourage the enthusiasm of the President of the Federation (Carlo Tavecchio) to turn things around, and I always intend to respect that. I also hope the clubs want to work together to bridge the gap that exists with other countries. I should be able to work as a coach, not just as voters. "