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Derbi Rome, More A Matter Of Prestige, Not Strong Enough

Record patent cage is the reason why Lazio can some times appeared in the ranks of the occupants of the five Serie A standings table 2015/16.

In fact, andai competition only count the tally in the cage, Il Biancocelesti (White sky blue Si) will share the top of the table alongside Fiorentina with 15 points. However,Lazio must be immediately aware that the Olimpico is not always a guarantee of perfect points of presence. On his last enclosure party, Il Biancocelesti loses 1-3 from AC Milan, (1/11/2015).

"It's a shame. I absolutely do not like the attitude of the players. It is not a question of what is written on the back of a player's uniform, but the symbols on the front of it, "said Lazio's President, Claudio Lotito, commenting on the defeat of his team from Milan.

Lotito demanded the Eagle became a symbol of Lazio return mengangkasa as theydueled with the ardent rival, AS Roma, at the Olimpico (8/11). Just like Lazio, Romawas also staring at defeat armed with derbi. However, when yield 0-1 at the headquarters of Inter Milan (7/11), Tim Wolf still showed a spark in midfield and attack them.

If it weren't for the Inter defence, playing dapper and disciplined, perhaps Edin Dzeko cs can bring home better results from their visit to the Giuseppe Meazza. The question should remain, Lazio aggressiveness confident due to the quick feet of Antonio Candreva or Philip Anderson could be the answer to the agile movement Mohamed Salah or Gervinho.

Derbi Rome, More A Matter Of Prestige, Not Strong Enough

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However, not necessarily to Lazio's defense will be ready with the terror of wrong, Gervinho, and Iago Falque. Until the eleventh week, Il Biancocelesti already conceded18 times. Defense of foster care report Stefano Pioli was just a better team than gatekeeper, Carpi (23 goals conceded)! One other note should be noted Lazio is related to their away record which was not impressive at all.

When five times outdoors, Lazio defeat swallowed four times, two of them by a score of 4-0, i.e. the major cons Chievo and 0-5 versus Napoli. Fear play under pressure from supporters who host win amount must be immediately eliminated by Candreva dkk. Because, as derbi cons Rome later, Lazio will be as guest teams.

A constellation of top Serie A standings 2015/16 on the ninth week seems to be a harbinger of future suspension of the dominance of the original teams of North Italy.

Date of the collection title, North of irrefutable Qibla football is again Italy. Cumulatively the clubs origins of Northern Italy packing 101 scudetto, alias 91 percent of total title (111).

Even since the turn of the Millennium, only once the title is not strong enough to come to Northern Italy, exactly in season 2000/01, when Roma inimitable Fabio Capello appears as a half-hour Serie a. the phenomenon is awkward given in Northern Italy remain in the established teams such as Juventus (31 scudetto), AC Milan (18) andInternazionale (18).

Derbi Rome, More A Matter Of Prestige, Not Strong Enough

No wonder the media State Pizza was so enthusiastic when looking at Roma, NapoliFiorentina, Inter, Lazio and hand in hand in the top five of the table standings on the weekend of the ninth Serie A 2015/16. The resurrection of the original teams of Central Italy such as Rome, Fiorentina, and Lazio, as well as the South represented Napoli will obviously make Serie A more passionate.

The neutral fan will certainly be happy if not Italy football Qibla should always point to the North, but sometimes to the Middle, exactly as in the Serie A 1999/00 and 2000/01 successive dijuarai capital team, Lazio and Roma.

"The current standings Table said that Rome would be the derbi game duel deciding the scudetto," said Lazio coach Stefano Pioli, commenting on the constellation of top Serie A standings 2015/16 in the ninth week.

However, the label seems to overload the scudetto derbi Rome and Lazio ahead of their clash in the 11th week of the Serie A 2015/16 (8/11). Both teams looked at derbi with equally suffer defeat of Northern Italy team. Rome capitulated 0-1, while Laziofrom Inter Milan brushed 1-3 at the Olimpico. As a result, their position in the standings any followup SAG. Lazio even must willingly thrown from the big five.

Proof that Italy still inferior Middle of Northern Italy? It probably will not be too frustrated penggawa Rome or Lazio. One thing that is more important and want to certainly the members of both teams is not to them being inferior parties on derbi.

"It is not. Derbi does not double, but more meaningful, "said Pioli at LaLazioSiamoNoi.