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This team Always Celebrate Victory with Fiery Derbi

AC Milan scooped up 10 points out of a possible maximum of 12 numbers which can be earned in four last weekend in Serie A Italy.

Note that AC Milan's coolest lies since they arrested Torino 1-1 (17/10/2015) until aseries of three winning streak over Sassuolo 2-1, 1-0, Chievo and Lazio 3-1 (1/11/2015). If calculating the Club's performance in the period, a collection of 10 digits belong to the army of Sinisa Mihajlovic became gains the most points alongside Napoli.

In other words, if 2015/16 Serie A starts after medio last October, Milan will compete with Naples in the top two positions. Technically, the Rossoneri are indeed significant uphill performance later. Conditions that closely korelasinya with the applicationpattern of 4-3-3 which consistently spawn points after Milan beaten Napoli 4-0 (4/10/2015).

Statistics of Riccardo Montolivo cs on the four last week also drove rapidly in some important aspects are compared across seven performance Sunday. Since switching from 4-3-1-2 to 4-3-3, Milan are on average more sharp, tough, diligently made opportunities, and increasingly self-confident stream of balls.

This team Always Celebrate Victory with Fiery Derbi

"We need to consistently continue the performance as it is now. We are a team of Milan and it is necessary to always give more in the match, "said Alessio Cerci to Mediaset Premium.

If the action guideline is in Serie A, in the span of two seasons Lazio arguably alwaysfailed to menasbihkan himself as a ruler of Rome.

In 2013/14 and 2014/15, Gli Aquilotti was never able to beat their ardent rival, AS Roma, on the party League. The best achievement of the Lazio in the derby della capitale after securing victories in the past it was a two-score draw 0-0 (2013/14) and 2-2 (2014/15). On the other hand, the Romans were able to collect a pair of victories over the rivals, each with a score of 2-0 (2013/14) and 2-1 (2014/15).

Results in the time span that sharp inferiority Lazio of Rome. In total, including the party's official count and trial, derbi capital of Italy had 178 times staged. The young Eagle Pack 50 victories while the original Wolf of Rome had a collection of 65points.

In a meeting of the dikerucutkan on the stage alone, the number of Serie A Lazio victory (37) still remain lost to Rome (50). Given the fact, seemed commonplace if Laziobeat Roma success ever, willand always celebrated vehemently by the fan orplayer.
Just ask it to Lazio striker Miroslav Klose.

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"Coming to the city of Rome is probably the best decision I ever made. Before coming to let, I never saw the postman knelt in front of the door of the House and kissedmy feet, "said Klose Heroes 2-1 victory over Lazio of Rome in 2011.

Examples of more excited again was Paolo Di Canio, who commits salam fascist when scored against Roma on January 6, 2005. It sparked controversy because the majority of Jewish residents in Rome was a supporter of Team Wolf. For Jews, the doctrine of fascism always bring bad memories associated holocaust (mass extermination of the Jewish people) which is driven by the fascist Germany, Adolf Hitler.

This team Always Celebrate Victory with Fiery Derbi

Anyone could agree to assume the derby della capitale after securing the play between AS Roma vs. Lazio is always meaningful. Sunday (8/11/2015), the two teams would you met again in a follow-up force of Serie A weekend.

The history of the series both teams lay for nearly nine decades. Since derbi capital of Italy's Prime Edition was held on 8 December 1929, appeared a variety of plays that would always be remembered. Like a show, performance counter Lazio of Romegame also presents the story with a mixture of genres. There are stories that are unique, interestingtoo dark.

The following five special moments of the derby della capitale after securing coloring since entering the third millennium.

1. Poker Montella, 10 March 2002 (vs. Lazio of Rome 1-5)

No one is capable of scoring more than three goals in a single edition of VincenzoMontella, except the derbi. Former striker called L'Aeroplanino (Small Aircraft) due to the selebrasinya style that became the main actor of the moment the party five goals against Lazio of Rome.

The small aircraft to fly four times after the poker alias registered four goals. One of nicks the rest of Roma captain Francesco Totti was donated. After the match, President of Rome at that time, Franco Sensi, immediately ran to the locker room players to congratulated Montella. "The success of this will go down in history," said Sensi.

Greeting the late Sensi, who died in 2008, proved to be correct. Until the derbi this weekend, rekor Montella could not emulate anyone.