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I Am Afraid The Target Wilshere Is Too Low

Both clubs were also records the results is not in balance with the sale of players. As a result, the City is losing more than 160 million, while United's 151 million.

"It's like watching a storm that formed perfectly, the perfect storm. All factors are available there, present in the same time. However, for the summer next year, my prediction will not be greater than the summer of this year. Now, what will happen in the season goes on, we will see the same, "said Jones told The Telegraph.

The presence of two big names in Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic yet entertaining Manchester United's Manager, Jose Mourinho. He pursued a star again, AntoineGriezmann.

News of interest to Mourinho Griezmann diembuskan by United States media, Bleacher Report. MOU called insert that Atletico Madrid striker to a list of shopping to the summer of 2017.

Rumored similar media, Mourinho projecting Griezmann as a substitute for WayneRooney who currently have reached the age of 30 years.

I Am Afraid The Target Wilshere Is Too Low

Griezmann still got contracts on Atletico until 2021. 25 year old star that is lined with a release clause of 100 million euros ($ 1.4 trillion).

According to Transfermarkt, market prices page Griezmann now in the figure of 80million euros.

Reasonable when Atletico with the price high to release clause Griezmann. Because,the player's goal is make the team.

Griezmann became the top scorer for the season Atletico 2015-2016 with a collection of 32 goals. The breakdown was 22 goals in La Liga, Copa del Rey, 3, and 7 UEFA Champions League.

Not just shines in Club level, Griezmann also appeared to bite while helping Franceso runner-up the 2016 European Championship. He won the Golden Shoe throughnicks 6 goals.

Former United Kingdom national team midfielders, Paul Scholes, criticising the decision of Jack Wilshere of Arsenal move to AFC Bournemouth. According to Scholes, options it shows that Wilshere is less ambitious.

Wilshere was forced to leave Arsenal for the sake of securing a minute of play. In The Gunners Squad, their nicknames, there are still Granite Xhaka, Aaron Ramsey, Santi Cazorla, and Francis Coquelin.

As a result, the 24 year old midfielder has chosen the option of borrowing along Bournemouth on the last day of the transfer or Exchange Wednesday (8/31/2016).

I Am Afraid The Target Wilshere Is Too Low

The decision was reaping the tone sceptical of Scholes because Bournemouth belongs to the team of "two classes" in the Premier League. As for Wilshere is claimed to be the Club's 22 games ahead of the closure of the transfer window.

"In conditions fit, Wilshere is a top-tier player. However, you have to defend three or four top teams to penetrate the United Kingdom national team. I just worry aboutthe target he set too low, "said Scholes.

"Just because it went to Bournemouth, he does not mean it will always play. I believe there is a Bournomouth player says, ' I will play Wilshere, not ', "said commentatorSky Sports it.

In addition to Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and Watford Academy graduates meminati takes part of that Arsenal. There are also Roma as an option from outside the United Kingdom.

The last team, rated Scholes, presents a greater challenge to Wilshere. Understandably, not many players United Kingdom dared to wander abroad. Joe Hart is one of the few examples.

"If it was to go from Arsenal, go to a great team like Roma. Overseas experience willbe something great not just for him, but also the United Kingdom national team, "said Scholes.

Wilshere's own spending 247 days to injury recovery in 2015-2016. Therefore, he just get a ration of 141 minutes in the Premier League last season.

However, he was still able to convince Roy Hodgson for the 2016 European Championship brought to. Different story with Sam Allardyce who Wilshere did not call for the cons Slovakia on pre-FIFA World Cup 2018, Sunday (4/9/2016).

The Manchester United Defender, Luke Shaw, thanks to the fact that her absent defending the United Kingdom on the 2016 European Championship.

Shaw had suffered a broken leg so absent 305 days in 2015-2016. He had hoped to appear in the European Cup, but failed to recover in time.

As a resultLike Instagram of the time does not include the name of Shaw.Shaw also claimed, that decision also became the logical choice for her.

"I was thinking of going back on the European Cup. However, when the time comes,I thus felt no need to rush, "said Shaw.

"The best option for me is not to go. That was the best decision I ever take, "said 21-year-old player was.