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Knee injury, Stevan de Vrij Absent six months

Stephan Lichtsteiner was back in action after undergoing heart surgery. When facing Borussia Moenchengladbach central in the Champions League on Tuesday (3/11/15), the Switzerland wing Defender even scored one goal.

Lichtsteiner underwent heart surgery in early October after being discovered havinga disorder of heart rhythm disorders (cardiac arrhytmia).

The last game before the operation was when Juventus plays 1-1 with Frosinone on 23 September. He had difficulty breathing at that game.

New on Tuesday prompting he returned to play. Unmitigated, coach Massimiliano Allegri made him as a starter!

"It's very important Game made us, and I really want to help the team," said Lichtsteiner was conscripted against Gladbach. The goal was a goal he made his first appearance in the UEFA Champions League.

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Knee injury, Stevan de Vrij Absent six months

During the hiatus while recuperating, a 31-year-old man it's got his future turmoil to question in the world of football. Understandably, the heart, which is the main engine as a footballer and a man, are having problems.

"I had time to think about the possibility of create retirement. However, now I feel fit and ready. My heart is back to normal, "he said.

AS Roma midfielder, Pjanic, calling Mirajem intense exercise as the key behind his skills taking free kicks. In fact, he claimed to have already executed 10,000 free kick.

Pjanic is one of the most dangerous free kicks inspired in Europe at this time. 2015-16 all season, he has scored six goals, four of them through free kicks.

"There is no secret recipe for the perfect free kick. All related exercises, "said Pjanic.

"I executed ten thousand free kick from different positions. It took ten years to do it, "he said.

About the ability of the free kick, Pjanic else admire the former Olympique Lyon midfielder Juninho Pernambucano,. In the eyes of Pjanic, Juninho is the maestro of the ball dead.

Knee injury, Stevan de Vrij Absent six months

"However, I developed a style of his own, such as Andrea Pirlo and Cristiano Ronaldo. Our different shots with the other, "said Pjanic.

Lazio have announced that Defender Stefan de Vrij suffered a knee injury that is quite severe. The player who had become the target of Manchester United that it should be bersitirahat for six months.

Knee condition De Vrij in recent weeks is very worrying. The medical team Lazio menyeriusi this issue because it is not only once the knee that troubled Netherlands midfielder.

This condition also worsened by the decision taken. Biancoceleste prefer the 23 year old player was undergoing therapy rather than perform the operation.

This is because Lazio does not want to lose De Vrij that will be absent in the next few months if doing the operation. Now after a knee condition De Vrij was increasingly alarming, the Biancoceleste don't have pilihanlain in addition to perform the operation.

Knee injury, Stevan de Vrij Absent six months

"SS Lazio announce that Stefan de Vrij microfracture surgery in lateral condyle boneand meniscus in his left knee this morning on Wednesday (4/11/2015) in the a-Z clinic Monica in the town of Antwerp," the official quoted from the Lazio Football Italy.

"The operation has been carried out by the head of Department of Orthopedic andTraumatology the doings, Dr. Lagae, and running smoothly. Recovery time is expected to be back playing at a competitive level is around six months, "he said.

In his book entitled I Think Therefore I Play, Andrea Pirlo says that his favourite Clubis Inter Milan during childhood.

In 1998, Pirlo success embodies his dream during the kid, which is wear uniform blue-black belongs to Inter Milan. However, Pirlo's career at arsenal went smoothly. Hefailed to reach his potential and difficulties penetrating the main team.

The management of Inter Milan not mind selling Pirlo to AC Milan in 2001. At that time, Milan include the names of their players Drazen Brncic as part of the dowry forPirlo proposal.

Just two years from the transfer of that, judgment came to Inter Milan. Clubs beralias Il Biscione is known to have been mekakukan big mistake by removing Pirlo to Milan. In 2002-03, a central role in the success of Pirlo Milan grabbed double title of the UEFA Champions League and Coppa Italy.

The more profound because Inter regret since then Pirlo managed to add to the 14degree along Milan or Juventus. These achievements do not include the title of the 2006 World Cup with Italy.

Regret that until recently seemed to have not gone very well from the minds of management. In the upcoming January transfer, Il Biscione reportedly intends to return Italy to Pirlo. Since July 6, ago, Pirlo's status as the New York City players.

Such transfer is possible because Pirlo now underwent a period of holidays over already the end of MLS competition (United States Football League). MLS is rolling in March and October. The pause time is often spent some players to undergo lending to European clubs.