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Mane does not feel pressured by the expensive Player Status

The Liverpool midfielder, Sadio Mane (24), do not feel pressured by the status of players with expensive transfer at Anfield Stadium.

Liverpool bring Mane from Southampton with considerable worth to spend 34 million pounds or nearly equivalent Usd 597 billion on stock transfers this summer.

Early on this season's Mane is able to perform impressive and quite making Manager Juergen Klopp is satisfied.

Senegal national team midfielder is capable of directly participated and contributedimportant goals at the opening party of the Premier League this season. As a result,success quotes Liverpool 4-3 victory over Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

Any Mane is considered successfully meet the expectations as far as this is in accordance with the transfer. However, he insists the question of the value of the transferdoes not affect their performance on the field.

Mane does not feel pressured by the expensive Player Status

"Something reasonable in football. People will be talking about transfer fees but I did not feel depressed. I am always confident with the quality yourself and know what it can do for the team, "said Mane as reported by the Liverpool Echo.

"I'm just trying to continue to practice every day and give my best for the Club and the fans. I love being able to scored the first goal in the first game for Liverpool. What we reap the victory, "he said.

Mane will return to Liverpool while dependable will entertain Premier League defending champions Leicester City at Anfield on 10 September.

Brazil football legend, Marcos Evangelista de Morais aka Cafu, judge Hector Bellerinlook-alike as a 21-year-old.

Same as Cafu, Bellerin is the player with the best potential as a right Defender. The legend of the birth of 7 June 1970 's sure Bellerin will have a bright future.

"Bellerin resembles me at the age of 21 years. He is very fast and impressive. He has a bright future, "said Cafu in the question and answer session at Arsenal's official Twitter account.

Also via Twitter, direct any Bellerin respond to praise.

"Thank you for the good words of Cafu. So mean words like it come from you, "Bellerin via its official Twitter account.

Mane does not feel pressured by the expensive Player Status

In addition to flattering Bellerin, Cafu also gives praise to Mesut Oezil. He is confident midfielder Oezil is one of the best and amazing private figure.

"Oezil was fantastic. One of the best in the world. It's not just a figure of great players but also tremendous personal, "Cafu said.

David Luiz to be one of the players who graced last day of transfers in the Premier League. Two years ago, Chelsea pulled off Brazil defender was to Paris Saint-Germainwith sales reach 50 million pounds. Now, Chelsea buy it back at a price of around 30million pounds for a contract for three years.

Authors: Dian Savitri

The most expensive player Luiz officially purchased on the day of the last transfer, 31 August. Transfer Luiz occurred at 22 United Kingdom time, only seven minutes before the summer transfer exchanges closed, i.e. 23:00.

The summer transfer window that begins on July 1 and then now expired already. Premier League clubs into League with 20 most spend money shopping for players, i.e. more than 1.190 billion pounds or exactly 1,196,837,400 pounds. If dirupiahkan become more than 21 trillion.

It seems to just wait for the time to penetrate the Premier League transfer spending1 billion pounds. In 10 of the last transfer window, a trend that is always increasing.

That trend also coincides with the start of television broadcasting rights contract increased 70% domestic. Plus, a contract with television channels outside the United Kingdom who reached 8.4 billion pounds in three years.

Mane does not feel pressured by the expensive Player Status

However, there are other factors that cause the clubs Premier League spending of up to Rp 1 billion more. According to Dan Jones, a financial expert of Deloitte's football Sports Business Group, all triggered by Leicester City which won the Premier League last season.

Leicester City, a club which is not at all Like Instagram Gratis was champion, with players who are mediocre, it could turn things around and it makes the traditional clubs into a panic. Most of the big clubs changed coaches, all to secure the position of the big fourand also a ticket to the Champions League.

Finally, competition between Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, LiverpoolArsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have a higher intensity than before.

There are two clubs that paid 100 million pound figure is pierced, their duet is Manchester. The city became the most shoppers with more than 181 million pounds. The most expensive purchase of Pep Guardiola was John Stones, a defender from Everton, with a price of about 47 million pounds.