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Unique tricks to fool Journalists Klopp

Aaron Ramsey claimed to had got an offer from Manchester United. Only, there is one thing that finally made it choose Wales midfielder joined Arsenal.

Manchester United are attempting to transport the Aaron Ramsey from Cardiff Cityin 2008. Arsenal also vied for the same player.

In the end, it was Arsenal who came out as the winner. They managed to have Ramsey with the dowry of 5 million pounds ($ 82.2 billion).

Business Manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, to win the hearts of Ramsey is not messing around. Just imagine, he has to pick up the players with a private plane and roll out the red carpet.

Unique tricks to fool Journalists Klopp

Trick Wenger proved successful endearing Ramsey who was still 17 years old.

"I go there (London) to see the facilities team and I met Wenger," said Ramsey was quoted as Sky Sports.

"He did a lot to bring me to the Club. As new players aged 17 years, flew by private plane into the hotel where she is staying is real and I made the right decision, "saidRamsey again.

Trophy collection Ramsey at Arsenal as long as there's not much. The star of Wales in 2016 European Championship just got four titles, two FA Cups and two Community Shield.

In the meantime, since the arrival of Ramsey at Arsenal until now, Man United are making a total of 12 titles.

On Saturday (19/11/1999), Ramsey is going into United's headquarters at Old Trafford in the advanced party of Premier League.

Manchester United could be superior to Arsenal in letting go of the shot to the opponent so far this season. However, the number of goals the club called The Gunners still 1.5 times larger.

Party bigmatch weekend 12th Premier League contested by Man United cons Arsenal at Old Trafford, Saturday (19/11/1999).

In the Affairs of the productivity goal The Gunners already Pack the 24 goals. Meanwhile, Man United's new 16 goals.

Unique tricks to fool Journalists Klopp

Means the effectiveness of Arsenal in the first match of the 11th attack on this season's team is larger than 1.5 hosts Jose Mourinho.

Whereas, in releasing the shot in front of opponent Man United so far this season amounted to 191 as opposed to 167 belongs to Arsenal.

Man United releasing 109 shots from inside the forbidden box and 82 times from outside the penalty box. Zlatan Ibrahimovic contributed 59 shots from that number, but yields only 6 goals in 11 matches.

A total of 167 shots to Alexis Sanchez cs consists of 82 attempts from inside and 63from outside the penalty box. Theo Walcott could have scored five goals in 33 shots that he gave up out of 10 appearances.

Meanwhile, the level of accuracy of the shot to the opponent both balanced team of 46 percent.

Total shots Man United in 11 matches this season, only losing to Liverpool that occupies the top of the table while (210) and Manchester City (197).

The possibility cannot be denied that the Manager of Liverpool FC, Juergen Klopp, is a unique guy. He never managed to trick the preachers with unusual way.

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The story occurs when Juergen Klopp FSV Mainz for directing still in Germany. He became a target because his team news hunts Middle mired.

The entire camera follow wherever Klopp stepping. Do not run out, the coaches wear a costume Santa Claus in order to go to exit quietly.

"I have a story, when my team only got 11 points and we are ranked at the bottom of the Bundesliga standings. At that time, the competition being the Christmas holiday and friends invites a party in the city, "said Klopp quoted Liverpool Echo.

"No one saw me for wearing a mask. I became a Santa Claus, "said the man who is now aged 49 years.

Unique tricks to fool Journalists Klopp

Does the trick Klopp managed? Initially Yes, but it ended with on.

"The moment felt a little drunk, I open the mask and that happened next was my images circulating in the media," said Klopp.

"The next day, Bild (Germany media) wrote, ' this is how the team celebrates the Klopp is ranked 18th. ' Actually, it's not that I celebrate it, "said Klopp again.

Klopp served seven years in Mainz (2001 – 2008). He was the Club's joint action melakoni 268 beralias Die Nullfuenfer it before moving to Borussia Dortmund.

Christmas for 2016, it seems unnecessary to imitate Klopp similar action. The reason, opponents faced The Reds were relatively mild.

There are 4 teams will be facing Liverpool orphanage Klopp before Christmas arrives. Of these, 3 teams were inmates outside the top 10 standings.