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5 Petite Bodied Indonesia Futsal Players

Posture is no longer a guarantee of a person's ability in the round leather processing. Especially if we're talking futsal, particularly in the Asian region. Many small-bodied players thus had a better ability than large-bodied players.

In Indonesia, many Petite bodied futsal player who often denotes a riveting game. Often, they even became a mainstay and decisive victory of the team dibelanya.

Editorial Futsal futsal players choose five Zone Indonesia petite stature with the ability of qualified. Anyone of them? Let's take a look!

5 Petite Bodied Indonesia Futsal Players

Taufik Diki ' Bogel ' (PON DKI/STIE BP)
Small, fast, and Agile! These three words, can illustrate how playing Taufik Diki Alfianto or better known as the greeting Bogel. Talented young players birth Jakarta, malang Indonesia futsal world traverses. Proven, successful Bogel bring STIE BP was in top-tier Futsal League on advanced students who are currently scrolling.

Hadafi Anantra (ABFII Scandal Perbanas)
Yep! Hadafi is one of the players of the ABFII scandal Perbanas qualifiedaccelerated. 23 year old youth was once defended Pertamina FC at the Futsal Super League last season. The appearance of a fairly resounding scandal Perbanas together, making the Dafi Vennard Hutabarat coach would go home to join Indonesia futsalnational team players such as Sepatu Futsal Randy Satria and Agustin, Andriansyah to defend Futsalogy All Star team in the Futsal Tournament Mini Indonesia.

Nur Ali (Vamos Mataram)
No doubt, one of the players of the Vamos Carlsberg became the choice editorial team Futzal Zone. However, Nur Ali labeled the national Futsal Indonesia will serve as the team leader in the diminutive FC.

Farhan Rizqi (PON DKI/STIE BP)
Eki, greeting a close companion is one of the players who entered the ranks of BP STIE players berpostur short. If juxtaposed with Diki, Dafi and Nur Ali, team captain POUND JAWA it became the tallest player in the diminutive FC. Have individual action is very quick, he's pretty intimidating lineup of opponents.

5 Petite Bodied Indonesia Futsal Players

Nandy Sukma (POUND Jabar/Antam Kutim)
Nandy a player bertipikal runners became the last player Petite bodied version ofFZ. Have a high scoring instinct, players POUND Jabar also excelled in sprint short distances most likely, opponents could not pursue.

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If according to plan, there are three top-tier Futsal team that Thailand will face FC Libido. The three teams it was the Thai Port FC, Bangkok FC, and Royal Navy FC.

"The three teams who will beruji sparring with Libido later among others, Thai Port FC, Bangkok FC, and Royal Navy FC. But we waited for the certainty of their management, "he continued.

Centralizing this exercise referred to as one of the series of preparations to sail the Libido FC Futsal Super League (FSL) in coming years. Last season, Vishnu [...] cs. Fail to meet the target by only ranked the fourth after losing the third place play-off of the Electric Cosmo PLN.

Although he failed in the past, FSL Libido has just earned a champion MTFI 2015. In the mini tournament, Libido topped the standings superior than the other participants such as Futsalogy National all-Star Team, all-star Kutim Antam and FC Pingdus.